people have had access to clean water since 2005


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Case Study: Bento’s Story

When we sit behind our computers or staring down at our phones, we can be disconnected from the realities on the ground. Behind every photo, every update and every post on social media, there are real people with real stories. This is one of them: Bento, 25 years old: Bento learned farming from his parents. […]

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The Importance of Water

We live in a time where everything is readily available. From buying food to travelling to even reading this very article, life has never been so simple. So, it’s not surprising that we often forget what goes on behind the scenes, all the complicated processes that make many aspects of life so effortless. But let’s […]

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Women-Water-WellFound: A Case Study of Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone

Women across the world and across Africa face a multitude of challenges every day, many of which often are not discussed. This topic is incredibly diverse and challenges which women face in one country or region can be radically different from those faced elsewhere on the continent. Indeed, for any topic regarding Africa to be […]

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