people have had access to clean water since 2005


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World Water Day

What is World Water Day 2017? World Water Day is an annual day dedicated to tackling the world’s water crisis. World Water Day is on 22nd March every year and has been since the day was designated to it in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly. Each year, World Water Day chooses a specific […]

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Water in a time of Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming and climate change are phrases we are all familiar with. Scientifically accepted and proven by over 97% of scientists, the full effect¬†of warming temperatures are impacting the world all over. Whether it is rising sea levels, freak storms, or severe droughts, global warming is likely to eventually effect us all. Outcomes like melting […]

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Our new website

We have a new address and a new website: The old site, operationwellfound, had become too complicated so we took the opportunity to upgrade. We want our new site to be very visual so we can convey something of the challenge and rewards of working in Africa through photographs. You can help! If you […]

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