World Water Day

What is World Water Day 2017?

World Water Day is an annual day dedicated to tackling the world’s water crisis. World Water Day is on 22nd March every year and has been since the day was designated to it in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly.

Each year, the UN chooses a specific theme to focus on. Last year the theme was “Water and Jobs” but this year the theme has shifted to “Wastewater“. Wastewater often flows back into nature without being treated or reused. This happens in all industries, our homes and our cities.

Why is there a Day Dedicated to Water?

The day exists because we currently live in a world where 663 million people still do not have access to clean water. A recent UNICEF report also stated that by 2040 over 600 million children will live in water-scarce areas. World Water Day is needed to allow individuals, communities, governments, NGOs and charities to come together to battle the world’s water crisis.

Where is World Water Day and Who is Involved?

World Water Day is a universal event. It takes place all over the world and is supported by millions of people which includes you. The widest range of people get involved with World Water Day. United Nations bodies are heavily involved, as are some of the world’s largest NGOs and charities. There are unlimited ways for you to get involved in the event all you need to do is to look.

How do I Get Involved with World Water Day?

 Getting involved in World Water Day is easy! Check out the following options for getting involved:

All of the work that is undertaken at WellFound looks to ensure that local communities are able to reach clean water, access safe and hygienic sanitation facilities and grow a market garden. With history of working in Senegal and Burkina Faso, we are currently working in and raising further funds to help more communities in Guinea-Bissau. We are currently working in Binhome, Bissunga, Quedet and Tama. Please support us by donating here.

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