Wapte is a rural village with a population of 318. We are working there for the first time in Summer 2017.

Before we started work

There was a water pump which had not worked for over 20 years, and two traditional wells which often dried up in high temperatures. People obtained water from a stream. Whilst we were in the village on a fact finding trip we saw boys guarding the stream from pigs to prevent the water becoming too contaminated.

Current situation

We are working with the villagers to provide a new well with pump, latrines for each family and a market garden.

Three community consultation meetings have been held to involve the local people in planning.

A management committee and a women’s group are in place.

Eight latrines have been built with the help of local youths, with five to go.

The borehole has been drilled to a depth of 27m with good clean water being produced.

And finally local students trained by WellFound are putting up the wall around the new well.



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