We started work in Paile for the first time in Summer 2017. It is a small, rural village of 300 people

Before we started work:

There was a pump which has not worked for over 20 years and two traditional wells which often dried up during the dry season. There were cases of diarrhoea in the village. The villagers got their water from a natural spring but it was dirty.

Current situation:

Working with the villagers we are drilling a well, installing latrines in a Community Led Total Sanitation Programme (CLTS) and developing a market garden.

So far four community consultation meetings have been held to involve the villagers in all the planning.

A management committee and a women’s group are in place.

A borehole has been drilled to 20.8m, and the water supply is good. A pump has been installed. Four latrines have been built so far, with more to go.

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