Cali is a new village we are working in for the first time in Summer 2017.

It is a rural village with a population of 408 people.

Before we started work:

Only two traditional wells existed, and both frequently ran dry. People used to take water from a nearby swamp, and whilst we were there on a fact-finding visit we witnessed them drinking it.

Current situation:

Working with the villagers we are drilling a well, installing latrines in a Community Led Total Sanitation Programme (CLTS) and developing a market garden. We will also install a solar powered pump on the well to provide a steady supply of water.

So far we have held four community consultation meetings to plan the location of the well, latrines and market garden. Health promotion has started through our nurse, and a micro-saving scheme has started.

The borehole for the well is now drilled. At 45m, this is our deepest borehole so far.

15 latrines have been built with the help of local youths, and there are 6 left to complete.



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