Our staff and trustees

Our UK team

Dr Antony Kingsley, Chief Executive Officer 

Volunteering with WellFound for about two years enabled me to understand the great work of the organisation and also to see the projects and hardships first hand in Guinea Bissau. In 2015 I decided to join the organisation and be part of this great team. I am now able to use my PhD in Water Pollution, coupled with over 15 years of community development and management experience, to bring about great changes in the lives of people in Africa.


Paul Mander, Accountant

Paul has been the accountant for WellFound for the past three years with overall responsibility for financial processes and controls, and for reporting on our financial position. Paul is qualified to ACA Intermediate Examination and Professional Examination.




Our Guinea-Bissau team

Joao Le, Operations Manager, Guinea-Bissau

Joao is responsible for the day to day running of our projects in Guinea-Bissau. This means he spends a lot of his time visiting villages and talking with communities.

Joao worked in the Gambia as an IT teacher for Quantum Associates from 2004 to 2007. From 2008 to 2011 he worked in IT, and as book-keeper and solar system controller for Flame/WAVS, a US NGO.  He then worked in Spain in agriculture (Greenhouses), and then joined WellFound in Guinea-Bissau in August 2014.


Fernando, Supervisor of Agriculture and Health Promotion, Guinea-Bissau

Fernando has been associated with WellFound since 2014 as supervisor of agriculture and health promotion staff. He works out the logistics for all the staff at WellFound.

Fernando worked for Business Construction Africana (Mateus Sanha) as a Plumber in 1981 to 1985 in Bissau. He worked for the Evangelical Mission of WEC as Administrator, taking care of logistics and transport from 1989 to 1993. From 1994 onward he has held various roles in IEGB: Executive Secretary for Social Development Department; Administrator and then Interim Coordinator of Social Development; Coordinator of the Decentralised Food Security Program; Coordinator of the Livestock Program affiliated with the Department of Social Development. Outside of his work with IEGB (a local church partner), he is money keeper for the Evangelical Church of Bandim in Bissau.


Francisco, Agricultural Supervisor, Guinea-Bissau

Francisco leads our team of agricultural workers. He graduated from ADPP college in Guinea-Bissau. Francisco joined Wellfound in 2015.



Hertumisa, Health Promotion, Guinea-Bissau

Hertumisa is a qualified nurse, and did her practice at the main hospital in Bissau. For WellFound she is responsible for running the CLTS (community-led total sanitation) programmes in local communities. She teaches villagers how to keep their community clean, wash their hands with soap before eating, keep their homes clean and use latrines to avoid sicknesses. She also brings women together to debate health and sanitation in local communities. Before joining WellFound, Hertumisa was the headmistress of a local Evangelical School.


Marcolino, Intern for Agriculture, Guinea-Bissau

Marcolino works with women in horticulture teaching them how to sow seeds and care for the plants. He guides women on micro Savings, on preserving products and extracting seeds.

Marcolino joined Wellfound in 2016, following his graduation from ADPP college.


Kaizer, Intern for Agriculture, Guinea-Bissau

Kaizer graduated from ADPP in agriculture in 2013. He came to Wellfound in December 2016 and he is working on agriculture in the island of Unhocomo. Previously Kaizer worked for ADPP as a volunteer in the areas of sanitation and to combat the Ebola virus in Guinea-Bissau.



Zenito, Intern for Agriculture, Guinea-Bissau

Zenito joined Wellfound in 2016. He is a new graduate from ADPP.  He is working with women in agriculture in the islands.



Fernando Bonza, Intern for Agriculture, Guinea-Bissau

Fernando joined Wellfound in 2016 and works in agriculture helping women with market gardens in three villages (Nsumte, Quihumbe & Bissum Naga). He graduated from the ADPP college. Before that he was a teacher in a missionary school in Nsumte.


Our Sierra Leone team

Mr Andrew Mustapha,  Programme Supervisor, Sierra Leone

Andrew has over 10 years’ experience in programme management gained from organisations such as Oxfam and UNICEF. He is an engineer and have greater passion in serving his people who live in remotest places. He has worked in larger water consortiums and now joining WellFound with the view to improve lives of those who are in greatest need.



Mohamed Hoodie, Health Promotion Lead, Sierra Leone

Mohammed is bringing great experience in running successful community led health programmes. He showed extreme passion to serve his people and was highly thrilled to be among them. He brings an innovative approach towards CLTS programmes and shows great emphasis on community engagement – which is one of WellFound’s core principle.

Emmanuel Kpana Sinah – Agriculture Lead, Sierra Leone

Emmanuel has worked in the Agricultural sector is passionate about helping people to develop more sustainable farming practices. He mobilises young people to actively take part in farming and brings valuable knowledge from this sector. Emmanuel works alongside communities, training them in sustainable farming and leadership. 


Our Trustees

Howard Measham, Founding Trustee and Chairman Emeritus 

Howard founded The Measham Family Christian Foundation (WellFound) in 2005 after visiting a village in Romania that did not have fresh clean water.

He has been working since the age of 14 and became self-employed at the age of 17, building bicycles and moving on to repair motor vehicles at 22. He formed Howard H. Measham., Ltd in 1954. Between 2002 and 2004, Howard was one of the founding Trustees of Seer Ministries who printed the Word for Today in Romania. That was when he discovered the lack of clean drinking water. He started work in Senegal, West Africa in 2007 and has worked in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Senegal and Guinea Bissau, working in 85 villages and bringing water to 85,000 people.


David Horncastle, Trustee and Chair

David joined WellFound as a trustee in 2015, following a long and varied career with a FTSE100 company. He has travelled with WellFound three times to Guinea-Bissau and twice to Sierra Leone to see the work first hand. He saw the positive improvements which WellFound has made, and this confirmed he has done exactly the right thing in getting involved. 


Gill Shaw, ampa abipp, Trustee

Gill has been a freelance celebrity photographer for the last 20 years and has photographed Royals, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Celebrities from around the World. She has won many awards for her work such as Professional Photographer of the Year, The Hero Award, Black & White Spider Awards International, Master Photography Awards, BIPP Awards and Masters Cup International. She has held numerous exhibitions and has produced two books. Her first, Slightly Offstage, raised funds for ‘Society of Stars.’ Her second, The Hero Inside, raised funds for ‘Help for Heroes’.

She travels the world with her cameras and especially to Africa for ‘Wellfound’ which is very close to her heart.  Gill feels very strongly that everyone in the world deserves fresh running water.

Her faithful Hasselblad cameras have been at her side through every stage of her career so far, as the quality speaks volumes and – “as every good photographer knows it is essential to make your subject feel unique and rather special and at ease”.

Gills website is www.gillshaw.co.uk


Kate Horn, Trustee

Kate has been a trustee of the charity since 2014.  Since that time she has visited some of our work in Guinea Bissau and has raised awareness of WellFound by inviting guests to our fund raising activities and by talking in churches, and other organisations about our work.

She is now a retired Chartered Surveyor having run her own practice for many years so she is aware of the need for good financial control and good business practice and brings this to WellFound.


Hayden Measham, Trustee

Hayden has been a trustee of WellFound since 2012. He co-owns and is Managing Director of Measham Leasing Holdings Ltd and various other business interests. His vast skills include employment law, property law, insurance law, financial planning, monitoring and detailed understanding of financial reports. Hayden enjoys active sports including multi-sport events and has participated in marathons, cycling, mountain climbing and trekking to raise funds. He has championed annual Golf Day events to raise funds and equally raise the profile of WellFound. He volunteers in sport coaching for local children.