Coronavirus is unprecedented in our times. It does not respect borders and is affecting many African countries, including Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone.

It is our responsibility to help those most at risk from Coronavirus, especially those who do not have access to healthcare, reliable food supplies or the vital knowledge needed to stay safe in these trying times.

What are we doing now?

At WellFound we are responding rapidly for the communities we work with.

Providing scientific information: Because the communities we partner with are so remote, it is very difficult for people there to get reliable information on how to lower the risk of infection and what to do if someone does get infected. By running educational activities for the communities, we are able to spread awareness on how to safely prevent and deal with an infection.

Emergency Food Supply: The pandemic has led to food prices skyrocketing in many areas. Many living under the extreme poverty line now cannot afford to feed themselves or their families; even those who can afford food must take big risks travelling to busy town centres where the risk of injection is high, to buy food. To combat this risk and prevent extreme malnutrition taking hold in the communities, WellFound will be delivering monthly emergency food packages and baby formula for families.

Hand-washing facilities: To make hand-washing as easy and widespread as possible, WellFound and the communities are working together to build outdoor hand-washing stations using the tippy-tap method, so that taps may be operated with a foot lever, thus lowering the chances of infection. Each station is equipped with soap and water and communities are encouraged to wash their hands as much as possible and at key times, for example before eating and before entering/exiting the home.

Distribution of PPE: Families will be provided with masks and hand sanitiser to further lower chances of infection.

How can you help?

If you would like to help in our fight against COVID-19 in Guinea and Sierra Leone, click here. This will take you to our donations page.