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Over the last few days we have been featuring a series of reports from Gill Shaw, one of our trustees, on our Facebook page. This followed her recent recent visit to Guinea-Bissau to take photographs for an exhibition to graphically illustrate the needs that exist, and the transformation that clean water can enable.

We’ve now brought together all the videos on this one page.


First, life before clean water:

When WellFound goes into a village we seek to form a partnership with the local people and do the work together. In this video Howard is speaking to the people in a village on the island of Caravela where we are considering working this year. Howard’s words are being translated into the local creole language by Joao, our operations manager in Guinea-Bissau.

And finally, two videos of life after clean water.

2 thoughts on “Before and after…

  • Prince Olohunfeh Wilson

    I have just heard from a friend about your organization and that you are to start operations in our Country very soon and according to the lady your operations are enshrined around WASH activities which is of primary concern in our country. I have worked with organizations that have been implementing WASH programmes for UNICEF, UNHCR and a host of others. I have been working with the financial management sectors in these organizations as that is my area of speciality although I can as well carry out the duties of a community mobilizer in WASH related field activities, this ranges from baseline surveys, triggering of communities and a host of other activities. With much I cannot explain on this note I will like to join your team in Sierra Leone in your implementation drive. I personally want to extend my deepest appreciation for this move to Sierra Leone and I wash you all the best in your endeavours.
    My regards to your team.

    • Kingsley

      Thank you very much.

      please be in touch.


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